Forget Flying! This Lazy Bird Wants To Ride Shotgun Instead

September 7, 2018

Think about it, it must be really exhausting being a wild bird!  Constantly flying around all day operating on very little food and sleep, and always on high alert for looking for food and avoiding dangers.  Doesn’t sound like a very glamorous life, does it?  Hunting for sticks and branches to build nests, finding worms for your little baby birds back at the nest, and dodging huge cars that could easily run you over sounds like a super stressful life.  Although flying and viewing the world from high up in the air sounds awesome, the reality of a bird’s day to day struggles is far less exciting than we imagine.

It’s no wonder that this bird is pumped and ready to go for a ride in the passenger seat of this unsuspecting woman’s car! 

This feathered fella hit the jackpot when he stumbled upon this car with its driver’s door wide open, inviting him in to take a drive.  I bet his buddies flying overhead are so jealous of the spot he scored in this funny lady’s car.  

So what if the seat’s too big for his little feathered body, right?  The real issue is going to be buckling his seatbelt once they hit the road.  I wonder if seatbelt laws apply to birds too?  I guess he will find out!

Technically, a bird is supposed to be in a cage when being your travel companion on a road trip.  Although veterinarians agree that birds are excellent travelers, they also say that it’s dangerous for them to fly around the car uncaged.  If they get spooked they could take off into a frenzy and either crash and burn into the window or distract the driver which could cause an accident.  Even though it’s funny to drive with your bird, it’s better that he stays in his cage while you cruise the streets together.

This bird totally thinks the center console of the car is his perch! 

He’s standing there chirping like he owns it because he knows he’s scored the most awesome spot in the parking lot and is ready to go for a spin.  

This funny lady must be so confused about how this tiny bird got in her car in the first place?  He’s really cute and everything, but I doubt she actually wants to get in the car with him and take a drive while he hangs out on the center console.  I would love to know how she got him out of the car because he doesn’t seem like he’s ready to exit any time soon.  I hope she didn’t have to be somewhere right away because I’ll bet it took some time to shoo this feathered fella out of the car and back into the air without hurting him.  

Or, who knows?  Maybe she was looking for a new pet anyway and decided this little guy was the one?  Crazy things definitely happen for a reason, and maybe this was a new friendship that was meant to be?!

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