Fox And Deer Play Real Game Of Hide N Seek

December 21, 2017

Now, this isn’t something you see every day! It sure is something I won’t forget though. Imagine seeing this in your own backyard…you’re just chillin’ on your couch…you look outside and there is what appears to be fox jetting back and forth on the lawn, hiding from someone or something. Then, as you take a closer look, you see a deer popping its head from around the tree. Well, that’s exactly what happened here!
The woman looks outside to see a deer and fox playing a full out game of “ Hide N Seek .” They are using the backyard tree as a hiding spot and each one tricks the other one out.

You can tell right away the deer has the upper hand because he is being extremely strategic with his head pokes. The fox is sly, but he’s too fast moving! Every time he sprints to another side, the deer senses it and pokes his head around to make his presence noticed. You can tell there’s a competition brewing and neither wants to lose. I began to think, are they doing this because they’re looking at each other as prey? Wrong. This is an interesting game of hide n seek.
Here’s the thing…deer and fox generally get along! Fox are usually looking for mice (meat) and deer are looking for vegetation. They are often seen together in fields while searching for their next meal.

These two have no interest in sparring with one another. They are both just animals in an area where both of their food sources are accessible. What better way to pass the time than play a game?

Usually, they ignore one another, but these guys have got to be friends! Maybe they meet out here at meal times and play games after eating. Sounds like a great time to me! The best dinner parties I’ve ever been to, we usually played games after! They’re fun and get everyone involved. This fox and deer know how to throw a party!

Have you ever witnessed a fun game like this one in your backyard? If so, upload HERE! We would love to see.


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