Funny Cats Compilation: When Catnip Kicks In

December 26, 2017

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We all love cats, and whether we actually have any is beside the matter. Who can resist their softer-than-soft coat of fur? Or how about their too-cool-for-school demeanor? Their HUGE eyes that express soooo much. If anyone tells you they’re not a cat person, they must be lying or haven’t met the right feline yet. Just look at that face!

catnip kicks

Have you ever seen a cat behaving strangely? We have one word for you: catnip!

Another reason to love cats? We have one word for you: catnip. That’s right. At the sound of that one word, we’re sure a thousand cats across the country are meowing in anticipation and excitement. You know when that catnip kicks in, craziness is sure to ensue! Just take a look at our funny cats compilation video and you’ll see what we mean!
Do you know what a catnip is? Here is some explanation that goes perfectly with our funny cats compilation!

Catnip plants are members of the mint family and contain volatile oils, sterols, acids, and tannins. This plant originates from Europe and it is very popular in herb gardens. When a cat, both small and big, lion and a domestic cat, smells catnip it starts behaving in a very strange manner: it rubs head and body on the herb or jump, rolls around, vocalizes and salivates. Catnip effect lasts approximately 10 minutes, after which the cat becomes temporarily immune to the catnip plant. Although the effect of catnip is somewhat strange, this plant is completely safe and harmless to cats.  

While you’re enjoying this video, keep in mind that cats can behave in a totally different manner – sometimes they can be as lazy as a toad.

How does your cat respond to catnip? Can they handle??? Share awesome clips of your furry friends, catnip or not, with us HERE!


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