Funny Dogs Wearing Shoes For the First Time

October 23, 2017
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As a general rule, dogs don’t do shoes, but sometimes they need them. In the summer, the pavement can burn their little toes and in the winter, it can freeze them. However, doggos who live in cities should take off their shoes when entering their owner’s apartments because, you know, no one likes a dirty, all-pawed-up floor. Then, of course, sometimes dogs are caught walking in people shoes solely for the purpose of amusing hoomans. These videos of dogs wearing shoes will crack you up!
It’s adorable, it’s awkward and most importantly, watching the dogs wearing shoes is absolutely hilarious!

Doesn’t he remind you of the dinosaurs? At least that’s what we think this video is saying. “First we put the shoes on, then we walk like a dinosaur. Hear me rawr take these dang things off of my pawz, hooman! RAWR!” Wait, dogs don’t sound like that when they talk to you? Well, they do to us.


Will Wear Shoes And Coat For Peanut Butter

Want to convince your dog that they need to wear shoes and a coat? Well, get yourself some dang peanut butter. This tried and true treat will get even the most resistant of doggos to at least let you put the shoes on their pawz. Dogs walking in shoes is just the perfect thing to send you into that desired state of cuteness overload! Watch now for your quick fix.

Start ‘Em Young, Train ‘Em Right

Ah, puppers. So happy. So eager to please, which is why it really is best to start getting your doggo used to wearing shoes when he’s a puppy. The worse case scenario is eating his own shoes instead of yours. Now, THAT would be a bonus, wouldn’t it?

Do you have a video of dogs wearing shoes? Or just a video of a silly dog? Don’t be shy and share it with us HERE!

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