Funny Kid Cries While Learning About Tooth Fairy Because He Hates Money

January 31, 2019

Let’s hope, for this kid’s sake, his hilarious contempt for money fades in time!

I’m guessing this is just one of those “phases” we hear so much about. Kids go through these phases all the time. They don’t want to eat meat (six months later: where’s the bacon!?), they don’t want to go to school (two years later: my girlfriend’s at school and I hate you, dad!), they don’t want to hang out with their dad (well, that one is still pretty much a constant in my life). Either way, you get what I’m saying. But the kid in this video certainly has a rather unique phase he’s going through (or maybe he’s not!?). Which his, he really hates money. He doesn’t like it, doesn’t want anything to do with it. Here’s how we know he hates it. He just lost a tooth. (Kudos, btw). His mom is explaining what happens when the tooth fairy comes to give him money for the tooth, and he’s literally sobbing in the backseat of his parent’s car. “But I don’t want money, I don’t like it!” 

Watch the video to see why a kid this age doesn’t like money!

I guess it’s probably the best age to hate money. After all, he doesn’t really need it yet. He hasn’t bought a single thing for himself yet. He doesn’t really need a life savings, since the only thing he wants is candy that cost a few quarters each. (That’s right kids, don’t tell your parents that I told you, but you don’t really need a savings account at your age!). Maybe he hates money because the texture is kind of coarse? Here’s another guess, maybe it smells weird to a kid that age. Sure, it smells great to adults because we’ve grown accustomed to its strange scent. Also, we work crummy day jobs for forty (plus?!) hours a week for it, so we better like how it smells. But all of that is a moot point for a kid.

Who knows, maybe this kid will always hate money. And he’ll grow up to be one of those hippie drifters who just rides the rails all around the country. Yeah… probably not. I’m guessing in less than six months, he’ll change his mind when he discovers that Nerf has a new toy gun out that shoots hundreds of suction cup tipped foam missiles and he needs to save up eighty dollars of his allowance to buy one. At that point, I’m guessing he’ll turn into the kind of kid I was, eyes glued to the ground searching for loose change. Did you ever do this old trick: check the coin return slot of a pay phone for discarded quarters!? I probably only made fifty cents my entire childhood doing that and yet I still check whenever I use a payphone. Which, these days, is about once a decade. Nothing yet.

Anyway, we salute you, little guy! Stay strong! Tell that tooth fairy she can keep her stinking money and you’ll keep your tooth! 

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