Future Super Bowl Stars Stumble Into Pre-Game Pileup

January 26, 2018

Look, all young athletes hit a few bumps in the road. The road to glory is not an easy one and it’s full of pitfalls. But don’t misunderstand–nothing can stop you when you set your mind to something. No matter how many times you fall, you must always get back up again. That’s what these boys learned at their peewee football game.
These young football players are getting hyped for their game by running a row of high fives! GO TEAM!

They waste no time racing down the field past their fans. Peewee football, or American Youth Football, is a time honored tradition that began in 1996. It is an international organization and was even made a national youth football partner by the NFL. I guess that just means these kids are already on their way to facing off against Tom Brady at the next Super Bowl. Though they’ve got at least a good decade before they face off at Super Bowl LXII.

But it looks like there will be some failures in these little leaguers’ future! Before they can plan out a strategy, the boys take a tumble!
Uh oh! Somebody tripped. BOYS! You’re supposed to tackle the other team, not EACH OTHER!

When one man falls, so does everyone else. I can sympathize with your all-or-nothing attitude, but you took your whole team down! One boy trips and every player behind him falls on top of him like dominoes. By the time all the boys are out, they’ve formed a neat little dog pile. Everybody gets up okay, but they’ve certainly brought a chorus of laughter to the crowd.

The coach, however, is all business. Back to the task at hands, he announces “Huddle up!” The boys fall back into line and they are ready to fight. No blunder like this will keep this team down!

What triumphs and tribulations has your peewee team been through? Upload HERE.


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