Gangsta Grandpa Lip Sync Battles To Rap Song With Nose Piercings In

May 16, 2018

Personally, I love hanging out with my grandparents. The older I’ve grown, the more my relationship with them has changed. When I was a little kid, spending time with my grandparents was a fun activity that normally meant my parents were out of town so they got to babysit me. But as I’ve grown, my grandparents have shared tons of wisdom and advice with me. I’ve seen new sides of their personalities come out… but I have never seen them act like this! You won’t believe the rapper persona this senior man took on… my jaw DROPPED when I saw this bizarre performance.

Make sure you have your sound on for this one, folks. This grandpa filmed his very own music video and it’s nothing short of epic. He made his own music video to a rap song by the artist Young MC from his album Stone Cold Rhymin’, the song is “Got More Rhymes”. Grandpa DEFINITELY got more rhymes than most others. Can you believe this guy?

My grandparents don’t even know what rap music is, much less could they film their own performance of it! I was blown away when I saw the way that this man was rapping along perfectly to a song. Not only was he rapping and moving with the beat, but he also was dressed in costume. This guy is the grandpa of the year!

His costume didn’t just stop at his hat and glasses. He’s actually wearing several earrings and nose rings. I don’t think I would ever recover from laughter if I saw my grandparents do this. This guy is the coolest grandpa on the block. I wonder if his hip grandkids taught him all this…

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