Gas Station Vacuum Steals Lady’s Skirt During Car Detail

March 1, 2018

I don’t know about you, but cleaning out my car is a MAJOR chore. Mostly because I hate going to gas stations and car washes to use their equipment. They’re always way too busy, you have to wait in line, and then the equipment doesn’t even always work that well. When it does work well, it seems to work a little TOO well. For example, I’m sure this woman would have preferred a vacuum with just a little less suction.
This woman and her companion have driven up to a roadside car wash to clean out the inside of their sedan. She climbs out of the car and begins vacuuming out the driver’s seat.

If her car is anything like mine, it’s a task to vacuum out the front seat. There’s empty fast food bags, tons of pennies that will never again see the light of day, and so much dust it’s a mystery about where it actually came from. After feeding the machine some coins, the woman takes the vacuum hose and begins threading it through the front seat. She vacuums down by the foot pedals, around the side of the seat, and then moves to vacuum the floor of the backseat.
While transferring the vacuum pump from one hand to another, the suction catches on her skirt… Oh no! It’s eating her skirt! STOP THE PUMP!

Within a matter of seconds, the skirt has been pulled into the vacuum pump. Overcome with terror, the woman falls into the driver’s seat and pulls the door closed so that her bare legs aren’t exposed to the world. The vacuum continues to suck up her skirt as her companion moves around the car, grabs the pump, and begins pulling the skirt out of it’s mouth.

Luckily he manages to save the skirt, even if he couldn’t save the woman’s dignity.

Have you had any car wash catastrophes? Upload them HERE.

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