Gassy Pug Has A Great Relaxing Spa Day

March 14, 2016

We could all use a relaxing spa day after a long work day. This little one is giving us some serious spa goals. He really knows how to take care of himself.
Where do we sign up for this relaxing spa day?

This cute little pug is taking a personal day and treating himself to a nice spa treatment! He’s got his red sunglasses, a personal pool, and all the sunshine that he could want! And that’s not even the cutest part of this already adorable video!

This little cutie is really letting loose on his personal spa day, so much so that he is letting out the most adorable little farts and while he snoozes in his little pool! This may be one of the stranger things we’ve ever seen a pug do, but it is also one of the cutest! Sometimes, you gotta let loose and take a day to treat yourself in whatever way makes you happy. This little pug is truly a source of inspiration for tired people everywhere who are in need of a personal day. If you’re not quite able to take a whole day off, then watching this little pup enjoy his is sure to give you a little mid-day cute pick me up that will help you get through the rest of the work day! This gassy pug has a relaxing spa day and it is the cutest thing you’ll see today!
Having a spa day has amazing health benefits.

Not only do we get a day off where we can relax and forget about all other things, but it is very good for our health. The body can re-generate, blood circulation improves, body gets rid off toxins and much more. It’s not like we need any more reasons to take a relaxing spa day!

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Just a Pug snoring and farting in a bucket of water…Credit: ViralHog

Posted by UNILAD on Monday, July 27, 2015

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