Adorable Little Girl Plays Fetch With Stuffed Toy Dachshund

May 17, 2018

If you were a nineties kid, then you probably remember Tamagotchi toy. To be more specific – you probably had a Tamagotchi. Back then, there was such a rush and excitement about nurturing your virtual pet and keeping him alive. For me, Tamagotchi was a fun substitute for real-life pets. And having a real pet is not easier today.

That’s why, while watching this video, we can only say ‘’bravo’’ to the little girl who plays with her toy, imagining it’s a real dog. She is persistent in her task – to make her little-stuffed dog catch a frisbee. She takes a green frisbee and throws it at her pup. The frisbee falls down, but the pup doesn’t move. So, she goes and gets the frisbee herself and says “let me try again”. What a cutie! And she tries it over and over again. Finally, frisbee falls on her toy dog, and she yells: “Yay, he got it!”

I can surely predict the bright future for this girl in the creative industries because she surely has a lot of imagination. Maybe she will become a famous writer? Or she will be one of those people who are creating all those interesting commercials. What do you think?

In this video, we can see the power of children’s imagination. We can all learn from these kids. Grown-ups often forget to use their imagination. That’s because they don’t rely on the resources they already have within themselves to make their life a happier place. Maybe just by watching these two videos, you will become more motivated enough to find the best in every situation. But in the end, I have to say one thing. Please, buy this kid a real-life dog!

Do you have a funny video of your kid? We would like to see it! Just click HERE on the upload button. But first, don’t forget to watch the hilarious video below.

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