Girl Pulled Over By Cop Gets Concert And Plane Tickets Instead of Traffic Ticket

February 27, 2018

To this day, getting my driver’s license is one of the most exciting – and terrifying – things I’ve ever experienced. Exciting, because I could finally go where I want when I want without constantly asking my mom for a ride. Terrifying, because I was in complete control of a big whirling ball of metal, surrounded by a bunch of other equally powerful machines! Sure, we’re all used to it now, but I can’t be alone in saying I can instantly think back to how nerve wracking that first drive on the freeway was. And for months, every time I saw a police car, I instantly sat up straight, convinced I must be doing something wrong.
Fact: there’s NOTHING scarier to a newly licensed teen driver than getting pulled over by the cops.

And actually seeing them turn on their lights behind you, signaling you to pull over? That was pee-your-pants worthy! That’s why I had a whole lot of sympathy for this teen girl, who looked terrified beyond belief when she was pulled over one evening by this police officer. As he approached her window and asked for her license and registration, you could see her hand shaking and eyes watering. Poor thing! But then the officer comes back to hand over her “tickets”…and her fear turns to total confusion!
Talk about a plot twist! Imagine the range of emotions going on in that girl’s head right now…

Her issued “tickets” are the very best kind…plane tickets and concert tickets! It turns out this teen girl’s parents set up this crazy police prank to surprise her with a special trip to New York to see her favorite band. How extravagant is that? In the end, I’m still not sure if it’s quite worth the emotional turmoil they put her through though!

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