Glitter Cat Takes Accidentally Fabulous To A New Level

September 8, 2016

Meet Salem, the Glitter Cat taking the Internet by storm. Have you had the chance to treat yourself to a fabulous bath bomb? Well, if you haven’t had the pleasure of trying one for yourself, here is an example!


Glitter Cat sparkles and shines all the time!

Now that you know the glamor that is a bath bomb, you can understand what might have drawn Salem to the magical glitter! While Salem didn’t jump into the full bathtub, he does love bathtubs and didn’t waste any time jumping in after his owner was done using her LUSH bath bomb. Now Salem is the most fabulous cat in the world! That is until his next bath time…

And that video is just “Salem The Glitter Cat 4!” That means there’s more glitter and more cat than you ever dreamed with all of the sequels and prequels you could ever want. So you can take a break from bingeing Parks and Recreation to watch the rest of the Salem Glitter Cat series.
Glitter? Yes, please! The more the merrier!

Here’s a well-known fact. We all love glitter. It is amazing. It is shiny. It is perfect. Of course, all in moderation. And this Glitter Cat knows the right dose! If you are a glitter fan like this adorable cat, we have an explanation of why that is. Apparently, according to a research, we are attracted to these adorable shiny dots because they remind us of another thing that reflects and we cannot live without it. You guessed it! It is water!

We all love to stand out and be noticed from time time. This cat knows the right way how to enter a party and leave that WOW effect. It is easy – all you have to do is sparkle! How? GLITTER PLEASE!

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