Goat Drops The Hammer On Teen In Motorcycle Helmet

April 6, 2018

Generally, speaking goats are intelligent, mischievous, animals that enjoy being with their herds. That said, even loving animals occasionally get wild hairs and need to let out some steam with a little bit of headbutting.
Somehow you don’t think that teenager boys and goats together are literally going to collide…

It turns out that goats headbutt or butt for a number of different reasons. The first and nicest reason is that they want to play. It is a form of attention getting similar to when a dog paws at you or a cat does anything. This headbutt is generally more gentle in nature. More of a nudge with the crown of their head really. The other way, especially for wild goats, is for defense. Not all goats have horns but those that do use them for defense and rutting. Even hornless goats do headbutt as a form of defense. They have quite hard heads. The third and final way is to show dominance.
Who cosigned this kid wearing a helmet and facing off against a goat?! And more importantly, who will win? It’s not who you think!

We are not certain why this boy decided to put a motorcycle helmet on and go to war with this goat, but here we are. Based on the way the goat is dropping the hammer on the boy, we think he is attempting establish dominance over the boy. In the end, our opinion is that the boy…”won.” We mean, nobody really walks away as a winner here but the goat definitely loses. That or he is super arrogant and is walking away as if to say, “I am done with you.”

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Chance to Win

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