Grandma Goes For Epic Backyard Joyride In DIY Tractor Porch Swing

April 30, 2018

Some inventions are downright genius. Weird, but genius. This tractor powered porch swing is undoubtedly both of those things: weird and genius. I have to wonder how they came up with such a contraption. And why?

The answer, of course, is this: because they could.

This little boy serves as the cameraman for this epic reveal. He tries to give a little explanation to the camera, but it seems he’s at a loss for words. Understandable. I find myself struggling to find words to describe this video. It’s miraculous. It’s revolutionary. It’s a once in a lifetime experience. The camera pans to the rest of the backyard and we see another boy ALSO filming the experience on his phone. But more than that, we see Grandpa driving the family tractor in circles around the yard. Attached to the tractor is an old porch swing seat. It’s a two seater. The swing swings wildly from a hook at the back of the tractor. Whenever Grandpa drives over a dip in the yard, the swing bounces along with it.

And sitting on the swing is Grandma, SCREAMING and LAUGHING up a storm. She’s gripping onto the chains holding the swing up for dear life. Even though she’s screaming, she’s still laughing. I guess if you can’t hit up the amusement park, you can improvise a thrill ride in the backyard. My advice, however, would be not to try this at home. Honestly, I was just waiting for the swing to swing too far back and for Grandma to end up face planted in the dirt. Luckily, that never happens. I do kinda wish I got a turn on that swing though…

Summer is a time for lots of DIY entertainment. It’s also just around the corner. What wild inventions have you concocted for your summer fun? Show us your stuff! Upload a video HERE.

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