Grandma Records Hilarious Apology After Letting Granddaughter Cover Herself in Makeup

June 14, 2018

Grandparents say “yes” it’s what they do. And this grandma said yes to the extreme. This video starts out without a grandma explaining how she ended up in this situation. Apparently her granddaughter got herself into some makeup and the grandma trusted her to play with it on her own. She then pans the camera over to a red demon. This demon turns out to be the aforementioned granddaughter buried underneath a layer of red lipstick that has been applied to essentially every part of her lips that isn’t her face. It’s truly impressive as to the scope of the areas she’s covered and frankly the evenness it was applied. One can only assumed she was stopped because she ran out of lipstick. This girl however seems to have no shame in what she’s done. She even announces that she’s coming home with all that makeup on, which grandma quickly shoots down.

The nice thing about this video is because it’s classic grandma. My mom used to tell me that my grandma was very different when she was a mom. And that’s because moms and dads have to be the enforcers. If they don’t lay down the rules nobody will and they’ll raise an entitled kid. Which leaves everybody else in the family the chance to show up and be the good guy. I’ll never forget seeing my uncle bike up to my house with fun Australia stories, and then my dad having to tell me to get back to homework. While this grandma chose to clean up her mistake she could’ve just as easily have left it to the mom because again her only job is to be the good guy.

I also wonder what grandma was doing during this makeup session because there’s no way she was defenseless to stop all of that. I’ve seen somebody put on makeup for a theatrical performance and that is not simple. So if this had been a criminal offense I think you have to say this grandma aided and abetted this crime. The other thing is wondering whether this started off contained and focused on the lips or it’s always been a crazy potpourri. Upon further inspection my guess if that it started with multiple layers of the lips before she begged grandma to let her color outside the lines.

This is all fun and games now for that little girl but if I know grandparents and parents this video is coming back to haunt her during her teen years. This is the type of thing you forget about and then you sit next to your fiancée in your living room and your mom grins at you and then plugs this into your TV. All in all I’m glad I get to just enjoy this from the outside looking in. Now I can just hope that mom was forgiving enough to see this as funny instead of enabling.

We’ve all pulled off crazy stuff with grandma upload your video HERE. And be sure to check out this cool video below.

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