Grateful Sea Turtle Is Rescued By Kayakers

March 30, 2016

Usually, we would consider someone lucky if they ever got the opportunity to come face to face with a sea turtle, but this time it’s the sea turtle who got lucky running into these two kayakers!
You will love this grateful sea turtle!

This poor sea turtle had a run in with some fisherman’s net and was all tangled up in a giant mess! Luckily for him, a couple of kayakers on vacation happened to spot him struggling nearby and was able to give him a helping hand. The sea turtle seemed surprised at first when he was picked up out of the water, but once one of the men started to cut away at the fishing net, the sea turtle realized that they were there to help. The man was able to cut away the net pretty quickly and carefully and return the sea turtle back into the ocean in just a few seconds. This grateful sea turtle is rescued by kayakers and we are all glad that they were there at the right place at the right time to lend a helping hand.
Sea turtles spend most of their life in the ocean.

Sea turtles love the ocean, and they spend most of their life in the ocean. During nesting season, female sea turtles can be seen on the beach.

They are very old organisms. For more than 220 million years they have lived on Earth and they have managed to survive harsh weather changes. They are really exquisite. The ocean is such a magical place and it has some of the most beautiful life forms. One of them is this adorable grateful sea turtle.

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Kayakers Rescue Sea TurtleThe creature was tangled in a lot of line.

Posted by The Weather Channel on Monday, March 28, 2016

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