Brand New Puppy Stakes His Claim As Head Of The Household By Putting Giant Dog In His Place

February 14, 2018

Sibling rivalries don’t only take place between human brothers and sisters…they’re a reality for pets too! Fighting over toys, attention, personal space, snacks – you name it, and our furry friends go at it just like we do. Except, most of us would assume the older sibling usually has the upper-hand in these situations…and that is just  not the case for these two pups.
When their owner brought home a new puppy to join the family, I doubt this Great Dane had any idea this would happen!

I mean, what would you do if your parents brought home a baby brother from the hospital and they pulled a stunt like this? This poor dog is just trying to get his grub on at his food dish one day, when the brand new puppy goes totally berserk on him! Looking at the size difference between these two, I would never guess the Great Dane would have any problem holding his own in that kitchen – but he puts serious truth to the phrase gentle giant! Meanwhile, whenever he gets too close, this tiny puppy snaps and jumps and yaps at him like nobody’s business!
Yikes, I wouldn’t want to face this little pup in a dark alley! Talk about a Napoleon complex!

I guess even in his youth, that little guy knows he can’t let his size get in the way of his game plan…which is clearly to take over the entire household, right? I can’t believe how patient the older dog is being with him…unless that’s just fear? Either way, if mom and dad can invest in another set of food and water dishes, I bet these two will be getting along fine in no time!

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