Grumpy Toddler Makes Trip To The Store A Living Nightmare For Mom

June 12, 2018

This little girl and her mom were out shopping at Marshalls. “Look at this sweater” says Mom. The girl, sitting in the shopping cart, immediately throws her head back, feigns sleep, and lets out a snore to let her know how boooring it is! “What? What’s wrong with this sweater?” asks the mom calmly as the kid remains in the head back, pretending to sleep position. The kid opens her eyes, reaches out to the sweater and declares it “yuck!” Well, there is the official kiddie Yelp! review. The kid reaches out to grab the fuzzy sleeve of the sweater – and mom says “it’s cute, look, it has a little kitty on it.” Now you would think the kitty is the selling factor because the kid is already wearing a cute sweated with a kitty on it. But no. “No. I don’t like it,” says the kid letting go of the sleeve and turning around. “Okay” says mom then turns to her other side and spies something else she likes. “How about this jacket?” she asks. The kid immediately pulls the same face, makes a noise of some sort, and throws her head back again. “No?” asks mom. “No” responds the child.

Mom keeps on digging through the rack. There has to be something there the kid likes. Something! Mom finds something and you can hear her straining to pull it out. “What about this jacket?” she asks. The kid then makes a noise that is better seen than described – but it encapsulates how bored she is with how tasteless she thinks the jacket is. It is a perfect noise when all is said and done and sums up her feelings perfectly. “It’s too big!” she adds, as if mom is clueless. “Okay, sorry” replies mom, putting the heavy jacket back. “What about..ooh, this one” suggests mom, holding out another. “UHHH!” responds the kid who is clearly tiring of her mom and her mom’s taste in clothes. “No?” asks mom. “It’s too big” replies the daughter who, if nothing else, is sure of her own size. Mom pulls out yet another choice and enquires if the kid likes it – the kid, as you can expect, looks down making a similar noise of depression, frustration, and anger.

But then it is like the sun has arisen. The kid has spotted something she likes. Something she wants. “Paci’s” she says – referring to pacifiers. “Why? Are you a baby?” asks mom. “Yeah!” responds the girl. “You are not” says mom. “Yes I do” says the kid with the cutest smile you’ve ever seen on a kid that is most definitely not a baby. But then we realize that the kid does not want the pacifiers for herself but for her baby dolls. Mom is happy there is a détente – and now also realizes what she can use as leverage. “Let’s go find you a jacket, then we can go buy pacifiers” she says – and off they trot.

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