Guess What Happens When Crazy Guy Sets Up Hammock Five Feet Off The Ground

February 20, 2019

Let’s just categorize this video in the ‘told ya so’ section of our website. It never ceases to amaze me the crazy things people will do. Don’t get me wrong, hammocks are great. But they’re kind of awkward and difficult to get into. Even when they’re hanging a few inches from the ground, I get a little nervous as I try to hoist myself into one without getting flung out. Which is why this video is so crazy to me. Who would think it’s a good idea to put your hammock five feet off the ground? Better yet, what additional benefits do you get from lounging that high up? It’s not like it’s more comfortable up there! As you’re about to see, the downsides definitely outweigh the upside! Just guess what happens when crazy guy sets up hammock five feet off the ground!?

Yeah, that hurt.

Even watching this guy ease into his hammock makes my palms sweat! I just can’t imagine doing something so foolish. I haven’t done something like this since I jumped out of my treehouse in third grade and almost broke my foot. Hobbled on it for a few days but eventually got better. When was the last time you did something like this? That is, pursued the kind of idea that pretty much everyone would agree is dumb. We live in polarizing times yet I think every American can all rally around one thing: this guy shouldn’t be sitting in a hammock that far up! 

How’d he hang it that high in the first place?

I also happen to have a fear of heights. Which makes this hammock a unique nightmare for me. If I walked into a cottage with a hammock like this, I’d be like, “I’m sleeping on the hard wood floor!” And that’s obviously how most of his friends feel. As he starts to climb into his hammock, you can tell there’s rising concern that something is going to go wrong. Even though this guy is in fact able to stabilize the hammock, ultimately he’s doomed by shoddy workmanship. The hammock itself rips just before he lies down in it, sending him tumbling to the ground. Rest assured, he’s just fine. He laughs it off while his friends cackle in the background. Everyone’s probably just relieved he didn’t actually hurt himself. Now just imagine what would’ve happened if he had been sprawled out before it broke!

Do not try this at home, folks!

There’s a reason why hammocks are usually strung between trees in the backyard. They’re supposed to be a lazy man’s way to relax. Not a daredevil’s challenge for the afternoon. Normally we end our blogs with a request for you to send in videos just like the one you watched. But this time, I’m not gonna do that. Because I don’t want anyone anywhere doing anything like this! So just send us whatever video you’d like us to see HERE! So long as it has nothing to do with hammocks and heights!

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