Guilty Black Labrador Makes Daring Dog Door Escape After Stealing Plate Of Cookies

April 26, 2018

The lady from this video has one question. Who’s the cookie thief? It’s the mystery worthy of Sherlock Holmes. The suspects are three dogs – Maluba, Waffle, and Zena. But how to the determine which one of these dogs is the guilty one? There’s no way to question suspects, an average household doesn’t have a CSI team on standby, so how to discover the culprit?

Well, it’s quite easy. As soon as the lady asked ‘Who ate the cookies’ out loud, it was clear who the lawbreaker is. Spoiler alert: it was Zena, who couldn’t hide her shame and guilt. She bowed her head down and ran away. She couldn’t stand being in the house anymore and couldn’t bear to look at her owner with the guilty conscience. Awww! Now, this dog has a great moral compass!

Dogs can act like secret agents when it comes to stealing food. You can hide sweets as much as you like, but they’ll somehow find a way to it. If you have a dog, you know what I mean. You sit back on your couch and think your canine best friend is right next to you. But no! He entered stealth mode and went straight to the cookie jar. Are dogs natural in stealing sweets or is there some sort of class for this skill? LOL!

I hope that Zena’s owner won’t stay mad at her for too long. However, she has the right to be angry. After all, dogs must avoid sugar in any form. It’s just not healthy for them. There are plenty of dog treats for dogs to eat, but you know how they say, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. That’s probably the reason why dogs can’t wait to try humans’ candies, just like the adorable Zena from our video.

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