T-Rex Terrorizes Child’s Birthday Party After Getting Provoked By Punk Kid

June 8, 2018

The inflatable T-Rex costume might be getting overdone. That said, we enjoy watching kids have fun with them. In this video, we find a man in a T-Rex costume who is surrounded by kids. Some of them want to hug the T-Rex. Others, however, decide that they must attack the monster. Some just hit it with their hands – but one of the braver ones has a sword and he starts taking whacks at the costume. Eventually, the T-Rex has enough and gives chase to the little boy chasing him all around a yard through play structures, trampolines, swing sets, and grass.

So what do we know about the T-Rex? Well, it’s short, of course, for Tyrannosaurus Rex which means “king of the tyrant lizards.” It’s a combination of two Greek words; “tyranno” means tyrant and “saurus” means lizard. The “Rex” comes from the Latin for King. They got their name from Henry Fairfield Osborn, back in 1905 who was the president of the American Museum of Natural History. They lived in the Cretaceous period between 83.6 million years ago and 66 million years ago. The largest and most complete one every found suggest that T-Rex was one of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs to ever roam the planet at around thirteen feet tall. One thing to note is that the movies and TV have got it wrong; they never stood upright – instead they stood perpendicular to the ground. In fact a modern reconstruction of the T-Rex shows that they looked quite different to how Hollywood has imagined them. They had colored skin around the eyes, some plumage, and didn’t roar because they didn’t have the capability. They made a rumbling sound which was still, I’m sure, pretty terrifying. They weighed around nine tons and were around forty feet long. The T-Rex had a powerful bite, exerting up to 12, 814 pounds of force. That meant it was far stronger than a crocodile’s bite – and those things are quick and powerful. The T-Rex had serrated teeth but they did not all serve the same function. It’s thought that the front teeth gripped and pulled the food while its side teeth ripped up the flesh. The back teeth appear to have been responsible for dicing up the food. So what food did they eat? If you were a herbivorous dinosaur – like a Triceratops – then you were always potential game. A T-Rex would eat hundreds of pounds of food at a time. But T-Rexes had to hunt and if they hadn’t eaten in a while then they would not be as strong – so they went hunting a lot.

Circumstantial evidence points to the fact that T-Rexes sometimes hunted in packs – because their own ancestors did – but with all this happening literally tens of millions of years ago, we can only use limited evidence and guesswork. Only fifty T-Rex skeletons have been found as well as some tracks that were found in preserved muddy banks.

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