Gym Fail Videos To Scare You Away From Working Out Forever

December 28, 2018

It’s almost that time of year again. When we all make the same resolution to start working out. Remember this time last year? You vow to hit the gym harder than ever. You’re gonna start doing pushups every morning. By spring, you’ll already have your summer body! Then, needless to say, by January 10, you’ve already given up. Your gym scan tag is already dusty. Well, not this year. Because this year, AFV is gonna help you steer clear of those New Year’s gym resolutions. Because these are gym fail videos to scare you away from working out forever! 

Let’s kick things off with a skinny dude who’s lifting weights at home. Good for him! But it’s certainly a buzz kill when you can’t complete the set of bench presses and it gently falls on your stomach.

It’s definitely a buzz kill when your mom offers to spot you.


When it comes to working out, some people love it, others hate it. The boy in this next video definitely hates it. Just watch his face during this school performance. How hilarious is that reaction!? He’s got his little cardio weights in each hand and he flatly refuses to do anything with them.

This kid looks like me the last time I took a class at the gym!

In case you’ve ever felt weird about lifting weights because you don’t know how. This video should put your mind at ease. After all, there’s no way you could misuse the equipment worse than this guy!

Um, that’s definitely not how that machine works.

Finally, gym fails aren’t just for humans. Sometimes animals get in the game as well. Just check out this cat who’s particularly curious of the treadmill. But can’t quite seem to figure out how it works.

Like I’ve always said, cats and treadmills don’t mix!

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