Happy Hour Ruined When Amateur Mixologist Gets Engulfed In Flames

February 22, 2018

Don’t try this at home people. Leave the flaming cocktails and shots to the professionals. I know we all like to think being a bartender is easy, but the truth is it takes artistry and, most of all, skill. This guy proves my point when his attempt at a flaming cocktail ends up lighting more than just the beverage on fire.
This man is trying to recreate his favorite bar drink: The Flaming Doctor Pepper. Much to my surprise, the Flaming Doctor Pepper does not, in fact, contain Dr. Pepper.

Instead, the drink is composed of amaretto, beer, and some other high-proof liquor. In this case, it looks like this man is using rum. Supposedly it’s called the Flaming Doctor Pepper because it tastes remarkably like Dr. Pepper. You’re supposed to fill a shot glass with the amaretto and liquor, light it on fire, and then drop it in the beer to douse the flames. Seems like a waste of alcohol to me. If you light it on fire, you’re just burning away liquor that could be consumed. Not a lot, obviously, but what can I say, liquor ain’t cheap. You’d get the same result if you just poured the shot into the beer directly. But what do I know! I’m not a mixologist! And neither is this man!
While pouring a shot, he spills a little rum on the counter. After cleaning it up, he goes to light the shot on fire and… OH MY GOODNESS! The counter is on fire! Put it out!

Without a second thought, he drops the shot into the beer. But it’s too late. The flames have already spread across the counter. He tries to pat them out with his hand, but instead his hand ALSO goes up in flames. Pro-tip: alcohol is FLAMMABLE. Lucky for him, the alcohol might have been what saved him from serious injury.

He does manage to put out the flames before they can spread any further. But this just goes to show that you shouldn’t play with fire, especially around alcohol.

Have you ever tries to make a Flaming Doctor Pepper? Upload a video HERE.


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