Watch This Grandma And Grandpa Drag Race In Wheelchairs

February 6, 2019

I think if I ever found myself needing help with my mobility, as many of us do at some point, I’d want to be just like this couple. I’d take my wheelchair everywhere and I’d use it like a teenager uses his beat-up old Ford. I’d still hit up the clubs (bingo parlors) from time to time. Pop a wheelie while crossing the intersection. Maybe use it to run over someone’s foot if I didn’t like their face. I’m just saying, everyone gets so distracted with how wheelchairs make transportation at times challenging, which is true. But you can still have a lot of fun in them! Just ask this family! Watch this grandma and grandpa drag race in wheelchairs!

This family has dubbed their retirement community Wrinkle Ranch!

This family definitely has a great sense of humor. As the video starts, we see the grand ole matriarch and patriarch of the family. Each one of them seated comfortably in their electric scooters. The sun is bright and they’re just basking in it as their son announces the race. He’s a little long winded and you can tell they get a little impatient.

They just wanna put the pedal to the metal!

Before long, the two are lined up on the starting line. You can tell she’s pretty eager to get a head start on him. Who knows, maybe she’s just really competitive. Even before the starting shot, she’s already inching up on him. “Wheel foul!” 

You think anyone called the cops on these drag racers?! 

In case you’re wondering if there’s any real competition here, the answer is no. You can’t really make one electric scooter go much faster than the other. They pretty much just have “go” and “stop.” Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to undermine their maneuvering abilities. There was a little zigging and zagging. But mostly just driving in a straight line. Maybe someone should consider souping-up one of these electric wheelchairs so that it can go thirty miles per hour or something. Perhaps that’s for another video. As for the race at Wrinkle Ranch, it is so funny to watch these two “zoom” by towards the finish line. Before long, they look like tiny dots on the horizon.

You have to watch it yourself to find out who won!

Did you notice that some neighbors even popped their heads out to see what the commotion was all about? “Those whippersnappers are drag racing again!” This is the kind of retirement I’d want. Staying as active and nimble as I can. Even if I also need the use of an electric wheelchair for mobility. Who cares? That won’t stop me from racing down the street and running over the foot of the kid who keeps hitting the side of my house with tennis balls!

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