Hen And Goat Have Cutest Backyard Baby Battle

February 7, 2018

Lots of unlikely friendships form on a farm. Sometimes it’s between a fox and a hound. Other times it’s a pig and a spider. But in this case, it’s a friendship that forms between an adorable baby goat and a fully grown chicken.
This adorable baby goat wants to FIGHT with this chicken! They keep head butting each other… And it’s SO CUTE! I wonder who will win…

Tail wagging like crazy, this little kid goads the chicken into playing his silly little game. The two keep head butting each other, each of them adding their own flair. The goat, for example, gives a jumping start and wiggles his tiny little tail excitedly. The chicken, on the other hand, flutters its wings to show off its dominance. It’s a shame chickens are flightless because if they could fly it would have given this hen an edge in this fight.
The goat and chicken at it for a few rounds. They’re NECK and NECK! Who will concede first… OH! Looks like the CHICKEN is too CHICKEN!

The chicken, seeming to grow tired of this constant back and forth, starts to walk away. The goat turns back to the camera, hops back and dances through the grass, celebrating his well won victory. He even turns back toward the retreating chicken, chasing him across the yard while he dances. Someone seems like a sore winner to me! Still, I can’t tell him to have humility… His celebration is just too dang CUTE. He chases the chicken and the rest of his fowl friends off the lawn. I guess he’s earned the turf.

I don’t know about you, but after watching that video I want a baby goat STAT! That tail is the absolute end of me.

Have you witnessed any adorable farm animal friendships? Upload HERE.


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