Here Are The 3 Funniest Pool Fail Videos Of Summer

September 14, 2018

Summer may be nearing its end, but that doesn’t mean the pool party action is over.   Here are the 3 funniest pool fail videos of summer that are guaranteed to make you laugh at loud!  These funny videos will remind you how much fun pool time is in the summer, and will get you super pumped up for more pool fun next year!

1.  Dorky Dad Eats It In Boogie Board Diving Trick


It’s so funny and cute when dads want to show off their mad pool skills in front of their kids.  Especially when mom is behind the camera recording the whole thing.  It’s almost like mom knows that dad is about to wipe out hard while trying to show off his crazy pool stunt.  

Armed with a boogie board, this dad is attempting to run and hurdle over the chair into the pool on his boogie board.  Sounds amazing, right?!  This dad is ready to rock and doesn’t seem at all worried that he might not fly smoothly over the chair and land gracefully into the pool.  

Mom, on the other hand, definitely sense that this might not go too well, and tells her kids to say bye to daddy.  LOL!

Even the dog seems to know that something scary is about to happen to dad!  But no one is going to stop him…

Dad takes off running with the boogie board in hand and jumps on the chair, then BAM!  The chair collapses in a million pieces and dorky dad belly flops hard into the pool!  I bet mom couldn’t wait to say, “I told you so!”

2.  Jump Roping Little Girl Slips And Falls Into Pool

Watching someone trip and fall while jump roping is funny, but watching a little jump rope and trip and fall into a pool is funnier!

Jump roping in circles around the pool seems like a totally good idea…unless the ground is slippery.  This cute little girl is killing it as she runs around the pool with her jump rope, dodging floaty toys and hurdling over obstacles like a champion.  Then, BOOM!  Her feet shoot right out from underneath her and she splashes into the pool!  Next time I bet she will make sure the ground isn’t wet and slippery when she’s jump roping in the backyard.

3.  Dad Tries To Be Cool But Breaks Kids Diving Board Instead

How funny is it when dads think they’re still kids?  I know my dad loved playing with me and my sister in the backyard during the summer and still thought he was cool enough to pull off epic diving board tricks.  Like this dad, my dad’s crazy dives usually failed too.  Their heart is in the right place though, and that’s all that matters!

Cannonballs into the pool are the best!   It’s all about making the biggest splash.  First up in the cannonball competition is this adorable little girl, and she nails it!  Next up is her brother who runs and jumps and makes an awesome splash in the water.  Finally, it’s dad’s turn.  He runs, jumps, and breaks the board as it comes crashing onto his head as he falls into the pool.  Looks like he was the clear loser of the cannonball competition!

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