Here Are The 5 Most Unlikely Pet Friendships You Have Ever Seen

January 3, 2019

If you think you’ve seen the weirdest pet friendships on earth, you haven’t seen these videos!  You will be blown away by these funny animals who have befriended the most unlikely creatures.  You won’t believe your eyes!  Here are the 5 most unlikely pet friendships you have ever seen.

1.  Precious dog and dainty butterfly chill out together in the backyard.  Perfect pals!

If you didn’t think a dog could be gentle enough to play with a butterfly, then you haven’t met Penelope!  Penelope couldn’t be sweeter as she lays on her back on the grass and lets the tiny butterfly chill on her paw.  You have never seen anything so cute in your life!


2.  It’s a true friendship when you put up with your buddy’s snoring!  This patient squirrel isn’t phased by this dog’s loud snoring.

It’s all about give and take, right?  Compromise is everything in a friendship and these two are no exception.  Check out this cute squirrel who chills on top of her canine buddy’s giant head while he snoozes away.  Snores away,  I should say!

3.  Size is no issue in this very unlikely friendship between a giant beagle and a tiny little bumblebee.  So cute!

It’s not easy for big dogs to play gentle with smaller creatures when they get excited.  But this sweet canine is the exception!  He gently paws at his new found friend, the bumblebee, as they play together on the patio.  This friendship is so sweet it will make your heart melt!

4.  Get ready to laugh your face off when you see this gangly emu chase his dog buddy around the backyard.  It doesn’t get any more strange than this!

If you’ve never seen an emu run before, you’re not alone.  What a sight!  Check out this weird creature as he chases his canine pal around the yard in circles.

5.  If you thought that a cat couldn’t play with a fish without making him dinner, check out this video!

All this cat wants to do is play with the slippery orange koi fish in the pond!

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