Here Are The Funniest Videos Of Kids Failing At Gymnastics

October 8, 2018

Let’s be fair, gymnastics is really hard and takes a ton of strength and flexibility.  But it’s still funny to watch a kid face plant hard on the mat!  Here are the funniest videos of kids failing at gymnastics that you can’t miss!

Funny Girl Eats It On The Trampoline

Trampolines are so fun to jump and flip on!  Springing and tumbling from one mat to the next while flying high in the air is a total blast.  The only problem is that if you’ve got too much power in your spring, your landing might be an utter disaster.  This high flying little girl is killing it on the trampoline, pulling off huge flips and getting tons of air.  Mom is behind the camera ready and waiting to record her giant double back handspring that she’s about to throw down.  She comes powering down the trampoline and takes off flipping through the air.  Unfortunately, her landing falls a little short and she face plants on the mat while mom laughs hysterically.  Poor girl!  


Little Boy Loses His Pants In Epic Vault Fail!

It’s embarrassing enough to totally eat it on the vault in front of all your friends.  It’s totally devastating to end up with your pants around your ankles at the same time!  Wow, I can’t believe this funny boy’s mom caught this epic film on camera!  Everything seems to be going well for this tiny gymnast as he power runs down the mat to hit the vault.  His teammates cheer him on as he rapidly approaches the apparatus.  Then, he bounces hard off the springboard, and almost as if a ghost pulled his pants down, he flips through the air in his underpants!  How embarrassing!

Baton Twirler Unexpectedly Crashes On Her Head

This funny little girl seems like she’s practiced this baton routine to “Express Yourself” a hundred times before.  No nerves here!  The music starts and she nonchalantly starts her choreography.  She starts twirling and swinging her baton around like a total pro.  I don’t think anyone expected what happens next!

Not even 15 seconds into her routine, she starts to execute her first trick.  She impressively tosses the baton over her head, spins around, looks up to eye the baton.  Planning on catching the baton while standing in the splits on one leg, she swings her leg up and slips and falls hard on her head.  I don’t know whether to laugh or cry because this was so funny but she could have seriously injured her neck!

Mini Gymnast Falls Hard On The Vault

This poor little girl must have been so sore from this fall!  The vault is one of the hardest exercises in gymnastics because you have to be both strong and powerful.  This little girl gave it her all, but the landing didn’t quite go as planned!

Beach Gymnast Face Plants In The Sand

The gym isn’t the only place where you can practice your roundoff back handsprings!  Why not practice on the soft sand while you’re on vacation?  This funny girl is ready to show off her skills for the camera, but she doesn’t exactly pull off a perfect 10 landing. 

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