Here Are The Funniest Videos Of The Week From The Farm

October 15, 2018

Farm living isn’t easy!  There are so many animals and so many acres of land to manage.  With all the chaos, there’s always going to be something funny that happens.  Here are the funniest videos of the week from the farm that will keep you laughing all day!

Canine Cowgirl Rides A Horse Like It’s Totally Normal

This funny chihuahua is a true cowgirl!  Wearing an adorable Western costume, this dog is cruising on the back of a horse like it’s an everyday occurrence.  Calm and with great form, this funny dog comfortably rides through the yard on horseback while her owner pulls them along.  The woman behind the camera can barely contain her laughter as she records this hilarious sight.  It’s funny enough to see a dog dressed up as a cowgirl, but even funnier to watch her ride on the back of a giant horse!  This chihuahua is this horse’s dream jockey!  Talk about a lightweight. 


Cardboard Skiing:  The Latest Trend In Farm Sports

Can’t figure out how to cure your boredom on a summer afternoon?  Well, if you’ve got a tractor and some cardboard, then the answer might be “Cardboard Skiing.”  Way to be creative with your resources! 

This funny lady is about to embark on her first cardboard skiing journey.  She stands on a flat, square piece of cardboard and grabs onto a rope that’s attached to the back of a tractor.  If you’re thinking that this doesn’t sound like a very safe activity, I’m with you.  The driver of the tractor takes off and this lady is out for a ride!  Traveling at top speed, so smoothly glides over the grass of the huge field while she laughs hysterically.  She’s having a blast until the tractor driver turns a corner too sharply and she goes flying off the cardboard!  

Funny Puppy Tries To Play Tug-Of-War With Baby Cow

This little furball has really got some energy!  He desperately wants to make friends with this cute little cow who seems very uninterested.  The funny puppy grabs the cow’s rope and yanks on it with all his might.  The cow doesn’t budge.  This determined puppy isn’t giving up.  He tries from both inside and outside of the fence to pull the cow in his direction but with no success.  It’s almost like the cow is rolling his eyes for the camera!  I don’t think this puppy and baby cow are going to end up being best buddies after all.

Funny Farmer Escapes Huge Silo Blast!

Silo demolition is no easy task, it turns out!  Mom is behind the camera recording what’s about to be a huge explosion as two farmers demolish a giant silo.  The family dog is wandering a little too close to the teetering structure and she’s worried he’ll get crushed.  But what about the two dudes hammering away, standing directly underneath the crumbling silo?  As soon as the final blow is delivered, the giant silo collapses and almost crushes the two farmers!  Wow!

Wandering Bull Takes Fence With Him On A Walk

Pro tip:  Bulls are stronger than fences.  Consider a more sturdy type of wall to keep them to keep them on the farm.

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