Older Cat Rescuing Kitten From Dust Pan Is Too Cute For Mere Mortal Eyes

November 30, 2017


Alright, we’re riding the cute train today, folks!  This video will seriously melt your heart. People catch their animals doing the darndest things on camera, but this owner caught an entire game of hide and seek!  You do NOT have to be a cat person to love this!
The baby kitten hides herself under the duster and the older cat starts sniffing around wondering where she is…then the duster starts moving LOL!

At first, it looks like the older cat senses someone is under that duster, but she can’t for the life of her flip it over.  She’s snooping and circling the duster like, “I’m going to find you!”  I wonder what the little kitten is thinking.  She probably loves being in that little cave.  It’s kind of how dogs can grow an attachment to their crates.  Dogs and cats by nature, are den animals. They feel secure in small, enclosed spaces.
It’s funny when the family dog stops by to try and help out, and the older cat just swats him away like, “I got this.”  But still, she is having trouble getting to the little kitten. Looks like we know who is winning this game of hide and seek!

It turns out cats love to play hide and seek! Many felines are highly intelligent and will think of creative places in the house to cover themselves. I’m thinking this little kitten in the video didn’t even know what she was doing though.  To be that young and able to strategize your best hiding spot?  I don’t think so!

The kitten actually looks relieved when she is finally found…poor little thing!  Oh my gosh, that face. If only you could bottle up puppies and kittens to stay that size forever!  They seriously put you in an automatic good mood!

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