Hilarious Beauty Fails That Hurt Just To Watch

November 8, 2018

What’s the old saying, beauty hurts? Is that a saying? If not, it should be. Mostly I say that after watching a dozen or so guys have hot wax used to rip off their chest hairs. But beauty hurts for women too! They wax, prim, tweeze and must slip their feet into high heels. If guys were forced to do anything that painful to our bodies in order to deemed “beautiful,” we’d be like, “I guess we’ll all be ugly!” So just sit back and enjoy other people’s agony in these hilarious beauty fails that hurt just to watch!

There are just so many classic clips in this compilation video. With that said, the chest hair removal clips are the funniest to me. Just check out the looks of agony on those guy’s faces after having huge swaths of hair yanked off. I guess going faster doesn’t help at all! There might even be a yelp of pain or two. It’s great seeing guys finally get their comeuppance. How do you think the ladies feel when they wax their legs, fellas!? 

I wouldn’t swap places with a single person in this video!

In case you’re not into laughing at people’s (admittedly fleeting) pain, that’s okay! There are plenty of clips that don’t directly involve pain! How about the guy who let his wife do his haircut and the clippers… kinda slip. The result is a landing strip of buzzed hair down the center of his head. Like a reverse faux hawk. Or what about the baby who used the mascara as body paint? She’s walking around covered almost head to toe with mascara. I don’t envy whosever job it is to get that out of the rug!

I’m guessing most of these people need therapy to recover from these beauty mishaps!?

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