Hilarious Cat Launches Attack On Dog From The Perfect Hiding Spot

February 26, 2019

Cats are great at finding the best hiding spots. We’ve had our cat for five years and there are still occasions in which we literally can’t find him in the house. Which means he’s discovered some hiding spot so perfectly concealed, four people can’t find it. It could be under the sink, behind the refrigerator, wherever it is, it’s good. Which is why this video is so funny. This cat has found the perfect place to sit and relax, in the bathroom trash can. Sure, you and I might find it repulsive, but this cat couldn’t care less about sitting amongst our hygienic trash. Because this hiding spot serves a dual purpose. Just watch hilarious cat launches attack on dog from the perfect hiding spot!

The dog didn’t stand a chance!

Per usual, the dog is sitting eagerly outside the trash can because he just wants to be friends. Isn’t that how it always works between cats and dogs? The dog is so genuine in his love and admiration for the cat. He just wants to get close and give him a big lick, maybe cuddle a little. Meanwhile, the cat would rather jump off a cliff. He hates everything about the dog. Hates his smell, hates his face, and the cat readily makes his displeasure known. How does he show his distaste? He launches attacks from within the trash can. Of course, given the nature of bathroom trash cans, each attack is concealed by the sliding top. So the dog never knows what’s coming until an extended paw is right in his face. Just imagine sticking your head into the refrigerator and all of a sudden a fist is hurtling towards you. No thanks!

I’m guessing the dog learned his lesson?

This poor dog clearly backs off after the assault. Maybe the cat just wants some peace and quiet. Leave it up to a cat to decide that he’d like to relax in the disturbing darkness of a bathroom trash can. But alas, who am I to judge? We once found our cat sleeping behind the metal hearth in our chimney. It’s not just cats, too. Once, we woke up and couldn’t find our youngest son. We looked all over the house. After about twenty minutes, panic really began to set in. Just before starting to really freak out, my wife discovered he was sleeping in the front seat of our minivan in the driveway. And it was cold that night! Not exactly the most comfortable place to sleep sitting upright. But hey, to each their own!

Check out how insanely quick the assault is!

Probably my favorite part of the video is how quickly everything goes down. We know what’s coming, but that still won’t keep you from jumping a little in your seat when that paw suddenly darts out. It’s like the flick of a reptile’s tongue. So quick yet menacing!

Do you have a hilarious video of your cat and dog not exactly getting along? We’d love to see it! Send it HERE!

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