Hilarious Little Boy Sobbing Because He’s Afraid He’ll Become Zombie

February 4, 2019

Maybe this kid needs to stop watching so many bad made-for-TV movies. Or perhaps too much Sci-Fi for him? Either way, somehow he’s learned that he’ll become a zombie if his temperature gets too high. Which, by the way, isn’t actually how you become a zombie. Last I checked, you had to be bitten by another zombie to become one. Oh, also, zombies aren’t real. So there are plenty of reasons why this kid shouldn’t be crying this hard from fear that he’s gonna turn into a one. But who am I to tamper with kid logic? If he’s convinced he’ll become a zombie, then there might not be much I can say to calm him down. Sit back and enjoy hilarious little boy sobbing because he’s afraid he’ll become zombie!

It takes quite a hypochondriac to convince yourself you’re becoming a zombie.

This little guy can rest assured he’s not the only hypochondriac out there. I panic every time my nose starts running more than usual. I’m the kind of patient who goes to the doctor so often, she rolls her eyes every time she sees me. “Can you check out this mole again?” “I get lost at the mall a lot, is that normal?” “Why isn’t my sense of smell better?”

To be clear, the little guy in this video is terrified because he’s got a fever. Well, as it turns out, the thermometer only reads 99 degrees. Which might technically be a tiny bit high, but as we all know, that doesn’t officially count as a fever. So then he shouldn’t be panicking, right? Right. But again, kid logic is all messed up. Despite his mom doing everything she can to calm him down, he’s inconsolable because he thinks his temperature is too high, which in turn means he’ll be a zombie in the morning.

The mom is trying her best but she just can’t reason with him.

What would you say to a kid who’s crying because he’s convinced he’s turning into a zombie? It’s a tough call. Do you reason with him and break down the facts: zombies don’t exist and even if they did, you don’t get it from fevers. Or do you just roll with the punches: being a zombie isn’t so bad. At least there’s an ample supply of food around. There are something like seven billion brains out there. You definitely won’t be impacted by the drought. You no longer have to wait in line at the grocery store!

Sometimes little moments like this are actually why I love being a parent. I love when my kids freak out over the smallest things. And nothing I can do will calm them down, yet I know they aren’t in any danger whatsoever. So I just kinda throw my hands into the air and let them spin their wheels until nap time. 

Check out this future zombie hyperventilate!

Do you have a video of your child really freaking out? If so, send it HERE!

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