Hot Sticky Mess Flies Everywhere When Egg Is Microwaved And Supernovas

February 14, 2018

Recognizing when not to do something seems so obvious, but it isn’t always. For instance, it’s apparent some things should just not go in the microwave. One would think this knowledge is universal, but as they say, common sense is anything but common.
This kid put an egg in the microwave. And not for just a few seconds either.

There are many, many, MANY ways to cook an egg. It could be argued it has more potential preparations than any single ingredient. There’s scrambled, poached, hard boiled, soft boiled, over easy, over medium, we could go on! But one thing’s for sure: microwaved in a shell ain’t one of them!

We here at AFV cannot speak to what this kid’s end game was, but we cannot imagine this was a culinary endeavor. How could microwaving a raw egg STILL IN ITS SHELL possibly turn out okay? The answer is, it couldn’t.
He takes out the egg, looks it over, then it goes BOOM! Um, can someone say, “Duh?!”

It was not difficult to predict how this would turn out. Blasting a liquid substance encased in a rigid and brittle container with heat rays for a prolonged amount of time, there was bound to be a violent reaction.

The camera lens, not to mention the boy and much of his kitchen, are splattered with hot egg quicker than the blink of an eye. There’s a “whoa!” followed by the sound of some porcelain tumbling, then nervous laughter, which would seem to mean everyone’s okay.

We watched this over and over again, and the explosion still makes us jump! As stated earlier, we don’t understand the motives, but don’t think we’ll ever tire of people pulling bonehead moves and capturing them for all to see.

Did you put something in the microwave you shouldn’t have? Send us the video HERE.

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