Howling Husky Throws a Temper Tantrum

May 11, 2016

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Well, this video called, “Husky Temper Tantrum” proves they can throw fits just like one! This particular howling husky loves to play with the water in the bathtub, but it’s time for his walk.  Husky doesn’t care, though. Husky wants to play with the water, so he cries and he whines and you’ll have a hard time trying not to smile. Let’s face it – we’ve all had this kind of days when all we want to do is enjoy the warm bubble bath away from the whole world. We sure understand this cute, howling husky.
Howling Husky is not pleased and he is not afraid to show it!

Being in touch with your emotion is super important, right? We are sure that no one will ever accuse this husky of hiding his true feelings. He just won’t go for that walk! But this is what Huskies are known for. Just like this howling husky, all Siberian Huskies are known to have limits to their obedience. In fact, a majority of them aren’t obedient at all. They are notorious for being difficult to train. They are stubborn, strong-willed, and independent, but also loving, and once trained, they make a good family dog.
Huskies aren’t the only animals who love warm baths…

If you think that this howling husky is the only one craving for the bubble baths, you are wrong! CLICK HERE and check out the cutest teacup pig enjoying the bath! He is so adorable, you just won’t believe it! Big pigs are cute, but teacup pigs are just ADORABLE! Once you see our video, you’d immediately wish to have one to yourself. Their smiley faces and cute paws are just beyond this world. So fabulous and magnificent!

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