Huge Spider Devouring Its Prey Eaten By Even Bigger Bird

June 12, 2018

Ah, the circle of life. It is a funny old thing – but still awesome as anything to see with your own eyes. This little bug got caught up in a spider’s web meaning it was curtains for the bug as he lined himself up to become the spider’s next meal. And sure enough, the spider comes crawling down the web to eat him up. The spider was not a tiny thing either – this guy has opened up his own restaurant and is waiting for a shipment of food. Well, the bug is now caught so it is time to eat – but the thing is, it is not just the spider that is hungry.

Within a few seconds, a bird has arrived and, quick as you like, has made a meal of both the spider and the bug, snapping them up in his beak before the spider even knows what has hit him. It is wild to see nature at work and see the circle of life complete itself in one short and crazy video and most of us have not seen anything like this outside of a nature documentary.

Birds who consume spiders include wrens, blue tits, sparrows, crows, and the blackbird – to name a few. In fact, most birds that eat insects include spiders in their diet. Barn Swallows also catch insects to feed to their babies but generally avoid spiders. Conversely, there is a spider that eats birds known as the Goliath Birdeater. If you would like to attract spider-eating birds to your garden (to either help do away with all the spiders or if you want to make your own mini nature documentary), your best bet is to plant some low-lying shrubs including the American Beautyberry. You can also leave nesting material, sources of cover, and food including brush piles at the edges of your yard. Carolina Wrens and House Wrens are your number one choices for this job.

If you want to get rid of tiny flying insects, bring in nectar that hummingbirds love. You can buy it in stores or buy flowers that offer it up naturally – such as azaleas, cardinal flowers, coral bells, sage or trumpet creepers. If you are looking for birds to get rid of larger flying insects, you might want to build some birdhouses for either purple martins or trees swallows. You will also want to stop using lawn chemicals because you do not want to kill or harm the birds in any way. So think of this as a very eco-friendly way of dealing with pests while at the same time getting some new birdsong to brighten up your mornings.

There are so many great ways to see nature in action while at the same time cleaning up your yard from pesky spiders or bugs. And while you are at it, set up a camera to catch it on tape! We’d sure love to see it if you video any!

What funny things have you seen birds do? Upload videos of them HERE! And don’t forget to watch the amazing video below!

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