Hungry Teenager Fooled By Mom’s Toaster Oven Prank

May 16, 2018

Maybe it is mean, but we love a good prank by parents on their kids, especially teenagers. However, before we dive into this video and to be fair to the kid in this video, I think that I would be really into having a toaster oven that worked if I just said, “Toast Bagel.” For whatever reason I am bothered by things like Alexa or Google Home or Siri. There is just something about having an always listening device in your home that, personally, freaks this humble blogger out a bit.

The mom in this video has apparently bought a brand-new toaster oven and set it up in her kitchen. Somehow, she convinced her teenage son that the toaster oven is capable of taking verbal commands. What kind of cracks me up about this video is that the boy actually has the instruction manual in front of him. He even picks it up at one point and tries to figure out why the oven isn’t taking his directions. Just goes to proves that nobody actually reads the instructions.

There is something endearing about this kid as he leans forward and puts his mouth close to the toaster oven thinking that the machine can’t hear him. Which brings us back to my discomfort with listening machines like Alexa. However, if you got me a listening machine that makes me bagels or toast, mmm, I would love that! Honestly, any cooking devices that would respond to me cooking would be amazing. I would love that. But I am also always hungry, so maybe those devices wouldn’t be good for me. But we can still dream, can’t we?

Do you have hilarious videos of parents pranking their kids? Share with us. Upload HERE. But first, don’t forget to watch the funny video below!

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