Identical Twins Have Opposite Reactions To Dad’s Monkey Sounds

April 20, 2018

Even though twins have the exact same genes, they all have their unique and distinctive personalities. Genetics do play a huge role in their development, but there are other very important factors. The environment they live and work in, for example. Having this in mind, it’s completely normal for them to have opposite reactions to various things.

Take a look at these two adorable babies in the video, and you’ll see just how adorable their opposite reactions are.

While they look and sit the same, their personalities are very different. Apparently one of them loves monkey sounds, while the other one hates them. These two adorable babies are having lunch, and peacefully sitting in their high chairs. They are really living the good life. And I couldn’t be happier for them. They’re just too adorable!

But, in one moment, their father decided to entertain the twins. Who doesn’t like a dinner and a show? Well, apparently, the adorable little girl doesn’t! Their dad started making monkey sounds and his son loved it! He couldn’t stop laughing. But, on the other high chair, it’s a whole other story. The adorable baby girl got scared and started crying. Awww…she’s so cute. Her reaction will melt your heart. And seeing the two of them having such opposite reactions to dad’s monkey sounds is hilarious!

Twins are the cutest! And even though they have opposite reactions and different personalities, they share a bond stronger than all others!

And it’s the best thing ever! Did you know twins start interacting with each other while still in the womb? How precious! And while growing up and learning how to speak, they tend to create a language of their own so they could communicate! Ah, twins just melt my heart. They’re so precious!

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