It Hurts Just To Watch These Rookie Tightrope Walking Fails

November 27, 2018

Walking a tightrope is just one of those things you shouldn’t try at home.  Unless you grew up in a circus family, there’s a slim chance you will making it across without eating it.  Hard.  It hurts just to watch these rookie tightrope walking fails!

When your feet slip and you straddle the tightrope as you fall, there’s only one place it goes.  Ouch!

Brace yourself for these painful falls!  You will see why falling off a tightrope is so grueling.  The crazy kids in this video end up with a tightrope between their legs when they lose their footing and go crashing down.  There’s only one way it goes when you fall off a tightrope, and it’s not pretty!

Check out these videos at the trampoline park where one kid after another goes flying off the tightrope into the foam pit.  It’s like watching a parade of Energizer Bunnies flinging themselves into the foamy pits below.  Even with the rope to hold on to, I don’t think any kid has ever made it all the way across the tightrope.  Kids by the dozens are crawling out of the foamy trenches just to line up and do it again!  Amazing!

Walking a tightrope in a trampoline park over a foam pit is one thing, trying to tiptoe across a DIY tightrope tied to the trees in your backyard is another.  

You probably don’t need to watch this video to find out which was the better option.  LOL!  You have to be a real daredevil to attempt crossing a flimsy DIY tightrope in your backyard.  Check out these knuckleheads who things a stretchy band is sturdy enough to hold their body weight and they try to run across and beat gravity.  There’s no soft foam pit to fall in to in the backyard either when you crash down on your butt.  Fail!

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