Korean Tourist Performs With Italian Street Musicians

March 11, 2016

Jun-Hyuk Choi is a double bass player from South Korea who is on vacation in Italy with a couple of friends. One day on his walk through Florence, he spots a group of very talented street musicians performing and he decides to ask them if he could join them!
Italin street musicians get reinforcement!

Jun-Hyuk Choi asks them if they are familiar with the piece Autumn Leaves, and when the musicians respond that they do, he sets the tempo and they take off! Not only is this a beautiful rendition of the song that shows how talented each of these musicians are, but this impromptu concert is also an amazing testament of how music is a universal language that can bring strangers from different parts of the world together to create something beautiful. This Korean tourist performs with Italian street musicians and the result is an absolutely jaw dropping performance that you are not going to want to miss!

Jun-Hyuk Choi has clearly mastered the art of playing the double bass, since he is able to simply pick one up and play effortlessly with a group of talented Italian musicians. There’s no doubt that all of his hard work and practicing has paid off! After this amazing performance, we’re sure that Jun-Hyuk Choi is going to go very far in his music career.
How to become a great musician?

The key to becoming a great musician is patience, practice, and more practice! It doesn’t hurt to start playing an instrument as early as possible because it leaves more time for improving and growing your talent.

You will love their street performance! They had a really great time, and thanks to this video, so did we!

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