Justin Timberlake Obsessed Toddler Films Epic NSYNC Music Video Imitating Dance Moves

May 15, 2018

I don’t know about you all, but my kids LOVE to pretend to make their own music videos to their favorite pop songs. My children are obsessed with everything that’s on the radio, so nothing makes them more excited than the thought of making their own video. They’re constantly playing dress up and making choreography to these pop hits with their friends. And this definitely isn’t a new craze! While there wasn’t the easily available technology to film music videos when I was a kid, the activity of pretending to be in a music video has been around for years. Look no further than this throwback video from 2001! This video is sure to give you MAJOR nostalgia.

Back in 2001, “Bye Bye Bye” by iconic boyband NSYNC was the biggest song on the radio! Even though it was 17 years ago, I can still remember every word. Everyone loved this song, and I mean everyone. Case in point, look at this little Timberlake-obsessed toddler!

This kiddo got his hands on a video camera and let his creative side come to life! He made his own dream of being the sixth NSYNC member come true by creating his very own “Bye Bye Bye” video. This is like the precursor to Musical.ly! Man, I haven’t seen a video this cute in a long time.

Not only is this kid a pro at lip syncing, his dance moves are also incredible! Not to mention, check out this kiddo’s stage presence. I sure do hope he pursued his dreams of stardom, he seems like a total natural to me.

I wonder who helped him put together this project! It’s so important to encourage your kids to think creatively. I bet this was a fun afternoon activity that this little boy never forgot.

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