Kangaroo And Dog Share A Loving Friendship

March 28, 2016

This adorable duo will make you jealous of their epic friendship level!

This kangaroo and dog may be an unlikely pair but they couldn’t be a more perfect match for each other! If you want know the secret to reaching a whole new level of friendship with your best pal, all you have to do is look to these two cuties! Only in Australia would you find such a unique friendship between marsupial and canine! This amazing friendship just goes to prove that even the most distant of species can get along if given the chance. These two are quite the inspiration for the rest of us to give new friendships a chance because you never know who your new best friend might be! This kangaroo and dog share a loving friendship that is sure to give your day a mood boost!
Look at all the adorable pets on the head this pup is getting from the kangaroo!


They also are big on playing a fun game of tag!


And of course are not afraid to cuddle and hug it out as well!


You can watch this adorable friendship in its entirety HERE.

Speaking of adorable and unlikely friendships, if you thought this dog and his kangaroo best friend were adorable this next unlikely friendship will make your heart melt! CLICK HERE and see for yourself.

Get ready to be insanely jealous of this unique encounter between a dog and otter playing around on someone’s deck. We don’t know how this beautiful friendship started but boy are we glad that it happened! This adorable pair forms a bond by wrestling with one another and keep themselves quite entertained. You will love them! They are so adorable!

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