Kid Accidentally Sits On Dad’s Face After He Pulls Down Pants As Prank

March 27, 2018

As a parent, there are few things more satisfying than pulling an epic prank on your kid. I know that in my house, my kids are some serious jokesters. They’re constantly pulling gags on me, which is exactly why it’s so satisfying when I’m able to get them back. It’s priceless to pull a fast one on them when they’re not expecting it. But sometimes, even when I think that I’m going to get them good, they turn around and prank me right back! But THANKFULLY they’ve never ever done something like THIS to me…
This cocky dad thought he was pulling a fast one on his kid! But the son DEFINITELY got the last laugh…

The situation started out strange enough — this young kid was standing on his dad’s collarbones while they both watched TV. Uhh, we definitely don’t watch TV like that at my house but to each their own. While his son was standing directly over him, dad took advantage of the opportunity and pulled a prank on him… by pulling down his son’s pants! Just wait until you see what happens next.

Just when dad thought he was getting the laugh on his son, his little boy sat DIRECTLY on his face in his undies! Man, this father sure was upset when his son did that to his face. This is EXACTLY why you should always be careful while trying to trick your kids, you never know what they’re going to do in return.
I bet dad wasn’t planning for THAT to happen when he pulled down his son’s pants! That’ll teach him to mess with his son.

This kiddo definitely put daddy in his place. I wonder what the next move in this epic prank war will be. Things are gonna get ugly if it keeps escalating like this — LOL!

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