Kid Acting Like Rock Star Accidentally Breaks Guitar And Freaks Out

January 30, 2019

There’s basically one reason to learn how to play a guitar, and that is to pretend that you’re a rock star. You know what I’m talking about when I say “rock star.” Just envision the classic unhinged rock star, wild hair, shirt open, tongue out, and yes, smashing his or her guitar on the stage at the end of the concert. Why else would you learn to play? Because you love music? Fair enough, but it’ll take you ten years to get good enough to play well. In the meantime, why not play dress up and pretend like you’re a rock star right now! That’s exactly what this little guy did and let’s just say it kinda backfired.

The video opens on this little guy with his guitar in hand. He doesn’t really play it much before he gets distracted with pretending like he’s in a metal band. He strums on the strings for a few seconds before he’s twirling the guitar around, leg in the air, playing it vertically, having a good ole time. Before long, he gets the idea to (fake) smash the guitar on the ground. We’ve all seen that move before. So he lifts the instrument over his head and brings it down (lightly) on the ground. Nevertheless, something goes wrong. Even though he was mostly mocking the motion of smashing the guitar, the movements put too much strain on the neck and it kinda falls off. Snaps in two. Oh boy is right.

The best part of the video is watching the panic on his face after realizing what he did. He really looks like he’s about to toss the guitar in the trash and make a run for it, never turning back. Fortunately, he doesn’t do anything drastic. But the tape does show several beats of his panic, trying to reassemble the guitar, wondering if maybe it would work if he snuck out and bought some wood glue, etc.

It certainly brings me back to the days when I would break a window in my parents house by accident. Followed by spending the entire afternoon panicked, wondering what my parents would do and say when they got home from work. Remember when you broke something and all you could do in the next few minutes (hours even) was figure out how you could get away with it? I once got angry during a game of Ping Pong and smashed my paddle on the table, creating a huge crack down the middle. So big you couldn’t ignore it. Every time the ball hit the crack, it would fly in some random direction. And part of me wondered if it was possible that I’d get rid of the entire table myself and convince my parents we never had one in the first place. I’m not kidding, I spent like twenty seconds of my life pondering that exact scenario.

Here’s hoping this future rock star didn’t get in too much trouble. Who knows, maybe he went outside, found a termite and blamed it on that! 


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