Kid Has Full Blown Freak Out At The Sight Of Flowers

August 9, 2018

Let’s be fair, sometimes kids are scared of the most ridiculous things. Their imaginations are able to run away from them because they aren’t as logical and reasoned as us adults. So they literally think they see a monster in the trees and start sobbing. Or they’re irrationally afraid of the dark (full disclosure: I still sleep with a nightlight on because I’m terrified of the dark). But you get the idea! With that said, the kid in this video has a very unique phobia. One I’ve never seen before in someone his age. Or someone any age for that matter. This kid is deathly afraid of flowers!

What about flowers could be so terrifying to him? That’s a great question and one that won’t be answered in this video. Almost everything about them is appealing. They smell good, they look good, they even feel and look soft. The only thing terrifying about a flower is if there’s a spider hiding inside it. Or a clown. But that’s definitely not the case in this video. 

The video opens with a little boy sitting in the backseat of his car. He can tell something is up, he’s already a little on edge from the moment the video starts. (He probably can see that his mom is hiding flowers). His mom, the one holding the camera with a twisted sense of humor, clearly knows his phobia and is about the stoke the flames. Man, what is it about scaring kids that’s just so much fun to watch? Maybe it’s because, at the end of the day, we know flowers are so harmless that we can delight in his crippling fear of them? It’s like that feeling you get when you wake up from a bad dream and realizing everything is okay? It’s almost worth the horror of having a bad dream. 

Anyway, after a few beats, the mom offers her son a whiff of the flowers. He’s clearly not happy about it. And before long, she’s thrusting the flowers, perfectly quaffed in a nice bouquet, in his face. This sends him in a full fledged freak out! He starts screaming and crying. Tears are running down his face while the rest of his family laughs their butts off. Again, why is this so entertaining for us? Only a kid that age freaking out would provide me with hours of weird delight.

I wonder what happened to this kid that made him so afraid of flowers! Maybe he was smelling some flowers one day and a bee stung him on the nose? Maybe he hates the crinkle sound of the cellophane that surround the flowers? Either way, he’s probably going to need a few months of therapy when he hits fifteen years of age to deal with his mom always thrusting flowers in his face. 

Who knows, maybe the phobia will subside. Here’s hoping, otherwise he’ll probably sneak out of the house late at night just to dig up her rose bushes, all while screaming into a towel. 

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