Kid Suspended In Air By Wedgie Then Faceplants Onto Ground When Rope Breaks

March 20, 2018

Is there anything more painful than having a terrible wedgie? Not only does this physically hurt, but it sure does bruise your ego too. I can say with certainty that some of my most embarrassing moments have involved wedgies. But thankfully when I was younger, smart phones weren’t a thing. So most of my embarrassing moments weren’t caught on tape to live on in infamy. Too bad this kiddo can’t say the same! You’ll feel embarrassed on this boy’s behalf when you see his epic wedgie fail.
This kid’s FIRST mistake was tying a rope to his pants and lifting himself by his wedgie! But his SECOND mistake was not securing the rope…

I don’t know what on earth led this kid to tie a rope around his pants, then proceed to hang in the air. That sounds beyond painful. Who in their right mind voluntarily wants a wedgie? Or maybe an even better question is: who voluntarily FILMS it?

This kid definitely should have checked that his rope was secure before using it to hoist himself up in the air. Just when I thought that the wedgie would be the most painful part of this video, the rope BROKE! That’s definitely gonna leave a mark. I’m just relieved that his face missed the bucket by mere inches! This could have been SO much worse.
OUCH, talk about a crash landing! This kid bruised way more than just his ego. Good thing he had the video camera ready!

Yikes, there’s always a guaranteed laugh whenever wedgies are involved. Seriously, when is someone’s underwear getting painfully caught on something NOT funny? But as hilarious as wedgies are, they still don’t come close to faceplants. Good thing that this video has both of those.

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