Kids Confuse Pi With Pie While Trying To Get Out Of Going To School

June 13, 2018

The question “what’s pie” isn’t as easy as it sounds. They could mean math, they could mean food, or they could mean some combination of the two, like these kids. These two adorable kids were in the middle of explaining why they shouldn’t go to school when their mom grabbed the camera. She starts off with the simple question “why don’t you guys wanna go to school.” And these kids give a pretty good reason: they already know everything. And to their credit at least one of them knows 5 times 5 (25 for those curious) but then mom hits them with the oh so difficult “what’s pie?” The older brother barely even winces before explaining what the pastry pie is. Once again he does a pretty good job of explaining what a pie is so mom moves on to his younger brother.

Let me preface this by saying that this kid is adorable. But he goes on to describe no type of pie I’ve ever seen. He talks about it being something you mix up in your underwear, and it changing colors, and then sharing it on facebook. We’ll get back to this later because mom takes it in stride and asks another math question “how do you use pi to determine the circumference of a object.” Older brother again takes the lead and after some clarification begins talking about fractions. While he doesn’t answer the question we here at AFV want to give him credit for making the best of a bad situation and providing an answer. Also, fractions do make sense when you’re talking about a pie and math. Pie graphs are a mathematical chart which is divided into fractions.

Finally mom goes into lightning round mode. “Does pi have anything to do with a 3?” Strong no. “What about a 1?” Same answer. “Or a 4?” Broken record. What these kids don’t know is of course that she has just named off the digits of pi. Judge mom has seen enough. “You’re going to school” she declares. The older brother starts backtracking but it’s too late, mom has made her decision. This type of banter is maybe the most relatable thing I’ve seen this week. And this kid with a little bit of training could be the next Ferris Bueller. However the one thing I have to know is what that younger brother was talking about.

Very very few things end up in my underwear. And not one of them has changed colors. Neither have I considered putting any of them on Facebook. Initially I thought he might have confused pie with the word poo. It’s a simple enough mistake. They’re both 3 letter p words. But if his poo is changing to the color blue he needs to contact doctors immediately. All in all I think it’s best to just let this kid do his thing because there really are no appealing options as to what he’s talking about.

We’ve all had a hilarious argument with a kid, upload yours HERE. And don’t forget to watch his hilarious video below.

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