Kids Watch As Insane Dog Twirls Like Nobody’s Watching

March 7, 2018

Personally, I like my dogs subdued. For the most part, I’m not a fan of the excitable canine, but understand why there are folks who are. Some people feel a “scream it from the rooftops” love about their pets, whereas others like myself prefer a “whispering sweet nothings” type of affection. I gotta say, though; I might be able to make an exception for this special dog.
This doggie cuts loose and goes buck wild on the carpet. The  children watching love it!

As soon as the mom, the videographer in this case, says “get him,” this pup is off to the races. Spinning, swirling, twirling and gyrating like a whirling dervish, he zooms around the room as the brother and sister on the couch crack up.

This dog is so quick, there were moments this clip felt otherworldly, like I was watching CGI from a horror movie. Its movements were borderline unnatural, which made it all the more hilarious! I’ve never seen an animal move quite like this, have you?
Hey there, you crazy pooch: you can stop after four cups, y’know!

We can speculate till the cows come home a plausible explanation for what it is we just witnessed. I think it’s not so unreasonable to think this pup’s got a screw loose. Not in the deranged, danger to society Hannibal Lecter way, but more like an adorable elderly grandpa who says the wrong thing all the time and who will never catch up to the progress of modern society. Hysterical!

Tying all this in to the opening paragraph, this is one wild hound I can’t find a reason not to love. I couldn’t imagine anyone not adoring him instantly. Keep on spinning, you pirouetting pup!

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