Kitten Turns Ice Cream Tub Into Fort During Playtime Battle

June 19, 2018

Do you remember when you were little? What was your favorite game to play? I believe all of us loved making forts all over the house and hiding in them! It was one of my favorite things to do while young. I would take the sheets from the bed, and go into the living room. Then I would rearrange everything there, and move the chairs how they suit me. Then I would place the sheets over them, and VOILA! A fort! Even my friends would come over to my house, and we would all create forts together. Then we would enter the fort and play some more in there! It really was so much fun!

However, I don’t know if my parents would agree. LOL! I would play with everything in the house, create a huge mess and then go outside. That means my parents were stuck with the mess, and they had to clean everything up. However, when I see my children today making forts, I don’t have a problem with cleaning everything afterward. I’m just happy they’re having fun, and playing just the way I used too. But, did you know that children aren’t the only ones who love making forts and playing inside them? Apparently, our feline friends love them too!

The two adorable feline friends in this video absolutely love making forts! They were in the living room and were playing with everything they could find. But, in one moment, they saw an ice cream tub which caught their attention. While they were in the middle of their playtime battle, one of the kittens decided to take the ice cream tub and make a fort out of it! Yes, you heard me right. One of the kittens went inside the ice cream tube, and it looked just like she was in a fort. The other cat came and was surprised to see what her kitten friend had done. But, that did not stop them from continuing their battle.

The white kitten kept placing one of her paws outside of the ice cream tube, and the black kitten kept attacking it. However, at one point, the black kitten succeeded in knocking the ice cream tub of the white kitten, and it was a fair battle once again. I think we all know who the winner here is!

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