Koi Fish Taunt Hungry Cat From Under Frozen Pond

April 23, 2018

Cats do all sorts of crazy things all the time. And they are so adorable while doing so. But, how they act when they’re confused is a precious sight! The adorable cat in this video has found some new friends, but can’t reach them because the top layer of the fish pond has frozen over. However, she doesn’t realize that at first and keeps trying to reach them. She’s beyond adorable.

This cute cat loves to play with her friends in the pond!

It’s winter time and the top layer of the fish pond has frozen over, but that doesn’t mean that this cute cat can’t keep playing with her koi fish friends! It’s just a whole new way to play tag in the winter! How adorable! There is nothing cuter than animal videos, and this one will definitely become one of your favorite videos. It is a sight for sore eyes. This adorable kitten will show you what dedication means. Even though there is no way to get to the koi fish in the water, this little one is not giving up.

Just keep trying and never give up! Animals can often teach us the most important lessons, such as dedication and the fact that friendship knows no limits! What an amazing video.

There might be a slight chance this is more than friendship…

But, I choose to believe she’s walking around them because she wants to play tag in the winter! Some might say the cat is hungry and looking for food. But, let’s face it. My explanation is a lot better. LOL! The best of friends can be found in the most unusual environments, and I choose to believe this is one of them. Precious and hilarious in its own way.

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